Ben Winch

Light Traveller


I got my first electric guitar for my fifteenth birthday in 1988 and I’ve been playing, singing and writing songs ever since. Though music was my first love, I soon realised I couldn’t make a living from it, and I started publishing novels and short stories in my early twenties. Since then I’ve played with various bands, recorded and released my own work and the work of others, but never really tested the market for my music – until now. With the first fruits of my Light Traveller project reaching maturity I’m getting excited, and taking promotion seriously for the first time in twenty years.

Light Traveller

Celestial indie rock

Byron Shire 2015-17


Shadow History

Lost back catalogue

Melbourne / Vancouver / Manchester 1998-2011


COQ & Cottage Industry

Improv / lo-fi

On the move 2003-6



Original shoegaze

Adelaide 1990-92