Ben Winch

Light Traveller

Light Traveller

Celestial rock

Byron Shire 2015-17

It’s comin’ for ya
You’ve got no-one to blame

I’d been kicking around the riff and the first verse to “Star Destroyer” for years, but it had never quite taken off. The thing had wings, but it lacked direction, and I gradually realised no amount of souped-up rock jamming was likely to change that. Still, the song’s slow gestation made it strong, and by 2016, with the help of a used MacBook and the open-source digital audio workstation Reaper, I’d recorded the bones of a 20-minute version, making it the rock epic I’d always intended. Along the way, an album (Falcon Falling, due 2018) and associated EPs and singles branched off: 20 songs which grew up in the shadow of “Star Destroyer”.

Of course the recording of a multi part rock epic with a laptop and a Telecaster in a suburban bedroom wasn’t easy, and even now it’s not quite finished. As a teaser, the four-song EP Same Stars Shine (featuring an abridged “Star Destroyer”) gives a sense of the sound. With roots in postpunk and subtle melodies throughout, Light Traveller is mostly concerned with atmospherics. It’s light on lyrics and long on instrumental passages, and flirts with the dark discord of metal and the stark intimacy of garage rock. It’s like if Slint covered My Bloody Valentine, while listening to Powerage on the sly – or that’s the idea.

A star destroyer
Entering the frame

As to the light part, hell, I’ve been searching for the light for years now, travelling ever lighter as I shed successive skins, seeking to levitate. And the same themes have inspired me: from Shadow History’s “sonic trapeze” to W. COQ’s Tightrope Walker, there’s always this feeling of flying high above the void (the “spiritual well”, the lacuna) far below. The only difference? I’ve seen the light: the glow of the web, the laptop screen, the DIY digital future I never planned for because I thought I’d have a producer and worldwide distribution, or at least a handshake deal with the Cartel. I never was an early uptaker. I always figured content was king – I’d leave production and promotion to some other poor schmo. But now I’m the schmo. And who knows, maybe the same stars shine on every town after all.

Ben Winch Light Traveller

Light Traveller: Same Stars Shine
Photo by Andrew Noble

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