Ben Winch

Light Traveller

COQ & Cottage Industry

Lo-fi improv

On the move 2003-6

I came late to recording. I never bought an analogue 4-track in the eighties. It took me a long time to embrace production. After my first band Movement broke up I wandered, writing the songs which would become Shadow History, then in 2002 I returned to Adelaide and started amassing gear. I borrowed a drumkit, a synth and a bass, and – with the help of arts funding for Brothers of the Head – I bought a Tascam 788 digital 8-track and a Rode NT3 condenser microphone. Cottage Industry Recordings was born.

I don’t know why the roster of my fledgling record company was such an exercise in absurdity. Maybe it was my inexperience as a producer, which made me loathe to take it all too seriously. Meanwhile I refused to record my “real” songs (ie: Shadow History) for fear I wouldn’t do them justice. Much easier to improvise, and edit the results later. Well, I learned how to edit! And so much improvising loosened me up. I fractured myself into three alter-egos, each with a unique sound and style:

Around this core “trio”, friends Reed Bleed, Jim (Glenorchy) Dandy, DLW, A. Snowball and Paddy Ryan of Greater Northern provided a revolving house-band which appeared, in various permutations, on releases by the Chautauqua, DandyCOQ2, the Chicken Dinners Project and the Rebellion Off-Duty. A compilation album, Discretion Assured, was brought out to little fanfare in 2011. Solo albums by W, COQ and Menu are still to come.


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Light Traveller

Celestial rock

Byron Shire 2015-17


Shadow History

Lost back catalogue

Melbourne / Vancouver / Manchester 1998-2011



New wave / shoegaze

Adelaide 1990-92