Ben Winch

Light Traveller


Going Home

You will never go to the same river twice

December 27th 2017


High Times

This feels “once in a lifetime”. But really, what isn’t?

October 27th 2017


Slow and Steady

From little things big things grow

July 31st 2017


Change of Place, Change of Paradigm

If music doesn’t sell I’ll sell myself

June 30th 2017


Shadows Cast, No Repeal

Ed Kuepper’s Lost Cities is late career gold

June 28th 2017


I Don’t Wait for Inspiration

The long aftermath of a creative explosion

Dec 17th 2016


Cure Tour 2016 by a Malcontent

Why a live re-run of Disintegration leaves me cold

July 31st 2016


The Long Way Round

Melbourne and the road not taken, 1998-2000

May 9th 2016


Party Like It’s 1980 (in 1990)

New wave, shoegaze and my first band Movement

Feb 16th 2016


Put Your Raygun to my Head

Life in the shadow of David Bowie

Jan 14th 2016